Do I really need to hire a DJ for entertainment?

You want your event to be a remembered occasion in which you and your guest really had a great time- but not at the expense of going out to a club, paying high drink prices, and partying around strangers. A professional DJ packages that excitement you would experience at a club and brings it directly to you, or your desired location. The “true” club atmosphere really cannot be obtained using your IPOD, or bookshelf stereo. 

Why should I hire full throttle dj service?
You should hire full throttle dj service for your event because you want the best and deserve the best in DJ entertainment services. We provide a planning process that takes the guessing out of what the final outcome will be the day of the event. We work closely with each client to make sure your wedding or event goes as planned. At full throttle dj service, we want earn your repeat business in the near future- not just for today. Most of all, we want you and your guest to remember the great time experienced!

Will I get to meet the DJ?

Yes- We like to schedule a convenient date and time to personally meet with clients for private planning consultations, and encourage you to do so before paying any money for service.

Can I observe the DJ performance in advance?

Unfortunately, we are not able to invite anyone to preview private events. This is frowned upon by clients who hire us to “only” provide DJ services- not to have strangers showing up at their event. We extend that same courtesy to you. we also do public events and you are more than welcome to meet us at any public event.

What time will the DJ  arrive at my event?

full throttle dj service  will arrive two hours prior to the start time of the event to allow for setup and sound checking.. 
What does a full throttle dj service performer wear?
Based on event occasion or needs of each client, our performer arrives properly dressed and well groomed. full throttle dj service takes pride in presenting a total package of professionalism, while making a good visual impression at each event.

Does the DJ take breaks?

No. You contract with full throttle dj service for 4 hours (or more) of continuous service and you receive just that. We provide DJ entertainment without breaks, delays, or interruption.

What kind of music will be played?
Although we have access to all types of music, we allow our clients to choose what they would like to hear and generate a customized playlist. We play music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, to the current music of today- including R & B, Rap (Clean Versions available), House, Disco, Gospel, or any other musical genre. We give you the ability to tell us what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear at the event. Your guests have the ability to assist you in selecting music they want to hear in advance. This is a great benefit to ensure that we keep a crowded dance floor, although we rely on experience based on the crowd’s reactions and responses.           
 Do you take request?
In addition to the pre-planned request, we do take request from clients and their guest during the event. We will only play song request that fall within the guidelines set by our clients prior to the event.

What happens if there is an equipment malfunction?
full throttle dj service only uses commercial State-of-the-Art audio and lighting products- this limits the chance of all equipment not operating properly. In the event of a problem occurring, we travel with backup equipment that can be installed in minutes.
What does my quoted fee include?
The fee associated with our packages would include the following: A State-of-the-Art professional audio system, 4 standard hours (or more based on your signed contract) of continuous DJ entertainment and interaction. Lighting entertainment services may be included (based on the package), along with any upgrades and services. 
At what date should I book for DJ services?

That is solely up to you- but the earlier the better. This is suggested based on availability changes full throttle dj service may experience in terms of event dates, the time of events, or the day of the week events are scheduled with clients. With full throttle dj service, you have the option of booking with less notice, or the availability to book events up to two years in advance- if necessary. Booking your event further in advance really increases your chance of full throttle dj service availability.

How do I book and hold my date with full throttle dj service?
In order to secure a performance date with full throttle dj service, all clients are required to sign and return our Service Entertainment Contract. A non-refundable security deposit must be included, which is indicated on the contract. 
When is the remaining balance due?
The remaining balance can be paid by check 14 days prior to the event date- full throttle dj service does not accept any checks beyond the 14 day period. Cash, Money orders, or certified checks can be paid up to 7 days in advance prior to the event.Event must be paid in full before the day of Event.

Is full throttle dj service available if we decide to extend our party?

full throttle dj service is available for time extensions outside the standard 4 hour period (or contracted time-frame) for all events . The overtime rate is $75 per hour, and is required one hour prior (in cash) to the end of the contractual time period.